Rifugio Remondino

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Gesso Valley

Located in the Maritime Alps between Piedmont and France, Gesso Valley is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. Here you can discover unique landscapes, admire waterfalls and rocks sculpted by time, and spot wildlife such as marmots and chamois.


Among the most popular activities are hiking, such as the one that leads to Nasta Lake, located at an altitude of about 2,800 meters, which offers a panoramic view of the valley and surrounding peaks. Alternatively, you can opt for the ascent to Argentera Mount, which at 3,297 meters is the highest peak in the area, which requires a certain level of physical preparation but is rewarded with breathtaking views.


Boulder enthusiasts will find numerous rocks suitable for their needs, and mountaineering lovers can challenge themselves on the rocky walls of Madre di Dio and Catena del CAI.


In the spring season, ski mountaineering trips are popular among tourists from all over Europe. Colle dei Detriti, Canale di Nasta, and Canale Madre di Dio are just three of countless itineraries to explore.


Starting from the entrance of Pian della Casa del Re (1735 m), also known as Pian della Casa, you can undertake a hiking path that offers breathtaking views and the possibility to spot wild animals.


After ignoring the path on the right that leads to Colle di Ciriegia and the lakes of Fremamorta, continue along the dirt road until you encounter the trail for the Remondino Refuge and the Colle del Mercantour on the left.


The trail, recently renovated by the forestry teams of the Piedmont Region, first winds through junipers and larches along the bottom of the plateau before turning left and following the course of the stream. You then face a steep ascent with tight hairpin turns along a rocky ridge and cross a footbridge that crosses the stream coming from the Vallone dell’Assedras.


After passing numerous hairpin turns among rocks, grass, and larches, you finally reach the fork for Colle del Mercantour on the right. Instead of taking the branch, continue north to cross the stream again and then along a winding path that offers breathtaking views. Ibex can be spotted around the refuge, while chamois and mouflons can be seen during the first or last hours of the day, coming from the neighboring Mercantour National Park.


Arriving at the Remondino Refuge (2464 m) offers an exceptional panoramic view of the valley and is a must-stop for hiking enthusiasts in the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps.