Rifugio Remondino


The Refuge

The current structure, owned by the CAI of Cuneo, offers 46 beds distributed among six rooms and a dormitory. There are internal and external bathrooms, a shower with hot water, and a telephone service.


Outside, there is a large terrace with thirty seats and a beautiful fountain on a sunny granite slab.


During the closing period, it is possible to use a winter room with 12 beds, provided with blankets and mattresses. The room is located under the roof and can be reached via an external metal staircase to the refuge. However, it is important to note that the winter bivouac is not equipped with heating, gas, running water, and electricity in accordance with current regulations.

  • 46 BEDS



The bivouac is a communal house, a small shelter open to all. You may have to share the space and resources with others. Being the first to arrive does not give you the right of preference. Adaptability, courtesy, and respect are part of the invisible baggage to be carried in your backpack. One very important thing: Self-sufficiency.


Always bring a sleeping bag or a sheet, a headlamp, spare dry clothes in a plastic bag. Don’t forget a small pot and a stove if you want to eat something warm, tea or freeze-dried soups. In the bivouac, you will find some bags made available by us and by other hikers/climbers before you. You can also contribute by leaving something.


Remember, the refuge is closed, and the bivouac is your only shelter.

Leave it clean and tidy so that those who come after you will find adequate shelter. Bring your waste back down and contribute to its maintenance with a symbolic amount of 5 euros to put in the wooden box. Always remember to close the door when you set off on your hike.

Access to the bivouac is via an aluminum ladder placed on the refuge side towards the trail. It is located in the attic of the refuge (entrance marked at the base of the ladder).


It has 12 beds, with mattresses, pillows, and blankets; a couple of benches and some wooden hangers. There is also a phone to make EMERGENCY calls exclusively to 112. It is reiterated that bivouacs are normally to be intended as shelters to be used only in case of emergency.

One of the most useful things you can do is report any damages (when not repairable by yourself) to the manager and the CAI Cuneo. The bivouac can be used when the refuge is closed, otherwise, it is an integral part of it during its management.