Rifugio Remondino



The Rifugio Remondino is located in one of the most fascinating areas of the Maritime Alps and is the perfect starting point for numerous outdoor activities. To further enhance the offer available to our guests, we intend to expand the sections dedicated to hiking, mountaineering, climbing, ski mountaineering, and steep skiing, with well-known and new itineraries near the Refuge. Our goal is to offer updated and detailed information on all outdoor activities that can be practiced in the area.We are aware that this work will require time and energy, but we will do our best to achieve it. Furthermore, we invite anyone who has suggestions, advice, or itineraries to share to contact us at the email address info@rifugioremondino.it. The contribution of the outdoor enthusiasts’ community will help us make our website increasingly comprehensive and useful for all nature lovers.


The Remondino Refuge is the ideal starting point for panoramic hikes in the Gesso Valley. Among the recommended trails are the one that leads to the Cima Argentera, with a spectacular view, and the one that crosses Lake Nasta.


Trekking around the Remondino Refuge, such as the Alta Via dei Re, offer an unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes and views of the Gesso Valley.


The area around the Remondino Refuge offers numerous opportunities for more experienced mountaineers, including climbing Punta Remondino, the Catena del Cai, and the Cresta Gastaldi, three exciting challenges that offer unique views of the Gesso Valley.


Climbing enthusiasts can find numerous cliffs around the Remondino Refuge, such as the Parete delle Aquile, with challenging routes between rock and ice, and the Falesia del Pizzo or the Falesia dei Fiori with routes suitable for beginners as well.


The Gesso Valley is a paradise for ski mountaineering enthusiasts, with itineraries that start from the Remondino Refuge towards the surrounding peaks, such as Monte Frontè, Monte Tanarello, and Passo dei Detriti. Spectacular landscapes and exciting descents await.


Steep skiing enthusiasts can find some of the most challenging descents in the Valle Gesso around Rifugio Remondino, such as the Nasta Couloir or Madre di Dio. These descents require experience and preparation.